The sanitary bin with a conscience

Now the sanitary bins in your toilets could be helping women in more ways than one.

At Lady Business we take our social responsibilities seriously. We’re donating 50% of our profits to our charity partner, Share the Dignity, to help women in need access tampons or pads, a necessity for a healthy and dignified life.

What’s more, we’re seeking to employ women in times of need – women who are having difficulty finding work, or who are escaping domestic violence.

And they’re just some of the ways we’re looking to make a difference.

100% Australian owned and operated

All sanitary service companies essentially perform the same task. They place an ugly, clunky bin in a toilet and maintain them as necessary. We think it’s time for a refresh. We’re a 100% per cent Australian-owned company, not a billion dollar multinational. And we want to make the whole process better for everyone: our clients, our community, the product users and the environment.

Bio Bins – better for the planet

TerraCyclic™ Bio Bins are made using totally biodegradable plastic, designed to break down better and faster. Once they are disposed of, they safely biodegrade.
Our carbon footprint is smaller, too. Unlike the systems used by our competitors, no large trucks or facilities are required to service and maintain your bins, resulting in less emissions and environmental impact from transportation. In the past, for every bin placed in a toilet, another is needed at a warehouse to be cleaned by staff. We are reducing this need for multiple bins by using the Bio Bin with its simple self-deodorising and biodegradable cartridge system.

A better sanitary system

The unpleasant experience of bumping into bulky, grey sanitary bins doesn’t need to be the standard. We use TerraCyclicTM Bio Bins, a product that has revolutionised how sanitary bins are used and serviced. We even have an economical DIY option that lets you pre-purchase the self-sealing cartridges and dispose of them easily and hygienically with your normal waste. The TerraCyclic™ Bio Bin has been awarded Carbon Footprint Accreditation for its design, environmental impact and biodegradability.



Wall-mounted streamlined outer cylinder saves space, looks smart and is easy to install and maintain.



Reduced exposure to harmful bacteria including blood-borne pathogens, so there is less risk of cross infection.



Sealed sanitary bags with modesty flap mean no one touches the waste products.

Share the Dignity

Share the Dignity oversees a number of initiatives that give back to Australian women and children in need, with a particular focus on victims of domestic violence. Their services range from collecting sanitary items for homeless women and those fleeing domestic violence, to funding the funerals of domestic violence victims. In particular, through fund-raising activities and the distribution of sanitary items, Share the Dignity helps to ensure that women in need have dignity when dealing with their monthly period.

Better system, better service

Easy installation

We ensure that there is minimum disruption during the installation process.

Superior product

The product we are providing is superior to others, and is an ongoing solution to waste.

‘Green’ solution

Bio Bins are made using totally biodegradable plastic that are designed to break down better and faster.

The TerraCyclic Bio Bin is a sanitary waste disposal system. Its unique cartridge means no cleaning, less waste, saving costs and reducing energy use.

Streamlined attractive design

Environmentally friendly

Sealed for safety

Easy storage

The companies we work with include:

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